Huge Anime Sale At Amazon: Evangelion, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, And More

It’s a good month for anime fans, as you can find some great discounts on anime shows, movies, and games at several retailers as part of Anime Month. The Xbox Store’s anime sale has been going strong for a couple of weeks, and now Amazon is getting in on the action with a huge sale of its own. Amazon’s anime sale features Blu-rays of older hits as well as some of the best anime from recent years.

The Funimation anime sale notably includes all three of the current Rebuild of Evangelion movies: 1.11: You Are {Not} Alone, 2.22: You Can {Not} Advance, and 3.33: You Can {Not} Redo. The Rebuild movies are a retelling of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, and the fourth and final Rebuild film, which releases later this year, will provide an alternate ending for Evangelion. With the finale on the horizon, there’s truly no better time to pick up the first three Rebuild movies. Right now, you could get all three on Blu-ray for just $34.23.

Dragon Ball fans can save on all five digitally remastered seasons of Dragon Ball on DVD as part of the sale; you can also find discounts on some seasons of Dragon Ball Super and the Dragon Ball Z Movie Pack collections.

The complete Blu-ray collections of Cowboy Bebop, Soul Eater, Speed Racer, Trigun, and more are discounted in the Funimation anime sale, offering a convenient way to check out the entire series in one package. Some fantastic movies are marked down as well–be sure to check out Wolf Children and Summer Wars from director Mamoru Hosoda if you haven’t seen them before.

You can check out more of the best deals from the anime sale below, and see the full collection of deals at Amazon. There’s no end date listed for the sale, so we wouldn’t suggest waiting if you’ve got your eye on one of these shiny collections. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is a good chance to pick up a last-minute gift for the anime fan in your life. (Plus, check out more Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re still looking.)

Amazon’s best deals for Anime Month

Source: gamespot
Huge Anime Sale At Amazon: Evangelion, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, And More