How Fargo's Fake Treasure Created A Bizarre Urban Legend

True Fiction is a series that digs into the truth behind the fiction to find how they relate to each other. This episode focuses on the 1996 movie Fargo, and the impact it is believed to have had on a Japanese woman called Takako Konishi. Legend has it that Konishi traveled to Fargo in search of a treasure shown in the film, tricked by an assertion from its directors that all the events depicted were real. The truth, however, is that this is simply an urban legend.

In digging into the urban legend it becomes clear that the real story behind Konishi and her journey is something altogether sadder. Konishi died far from home, and though spurious rumors say the reason for her untimely demise was a ludicrous chase for fictional riches, the truth is a human story of heartbreak.

We asked True Fiction writer and presenter, our very own Kurt Indovina, to talk about the process of making this episode, and what it was like to learn the truth behind the fiction. You can also watch the episode below.

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How Fargo's Fake Treasure Created A Bizarre Urban Legend