Black Panther is a wake-up call for video games

The success of Marvel’s new film, set in an autonomous black universe, proves a demand for diversity that video games need

Like Hollywood, the games industry is facing a moment of self-reflection. For too long it has told the same stories, centring on the same white, male heroes. Game creators are finally examining the lack of diversity in their stories, but so far, representation of black people has been timid and predictable. With the number of women in the UK industry at just 14% and BAME representation at 4%, the narrative gatekeepers in games are primarily white men. If they are to find a broader range of stories, they need to rethink their representations of black people.

Afrofuturism explores the idea of a black future, offering a rich source of inspiration for games. Black Panther, the story of an African superhero and the king of the fictional Wakanda, the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, is bringing Afrofuturism to the masses. In a cultural landmark moment, it is the first solo film for a black Marvel superhero. It is currently breaking box-office records, proving the demand for diverse stories.

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Source: theguardian
Black Panther is a wake-up call for video games