8 Fun Alexa Games You Can Play on an Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo devices allow you to control your smart home with simple verbal commands. But what many people don’t realize is that Alexa, which powers Amazon Echo devices, also boasts some fun games to help you pass the time and entertain friends.

Here are some cool Alexa games that you can play on your Amazon Echo. Some of these games are simple, and some are challenging. But they are all equally fun to play either when you’re home alone, or when you’re hanging out with your geeky friends.

1. Dungeon Adventure

entrance to dungeon
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This is a complete fantasy role-playing game with Alexa acting as your guide, the Dungeon Master. You are the hero of the town of Ravensburg, which is under attack from an evil necromancer and his monsters.

Your tasks include creating your character, buying and selling items, fighting the monsters in the dungeon, and hunting for treasure. As the game progresses, you get to improve your character’s attributes like strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

You play the game using verbal commands in response to the in-game situations Alexa describes to you. The game is free to enable and can be activated using the command “Alexa, start Dungeon Adventure“.

2. Jack Ryan: November Morning

A room-escape style of an interactive story set in the world of Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan series. There are five chapters in the game, each requiring you to solve puzzles and uncover new information leading to the conclusion of the game.

The story places you in the character of “November”. You are the leader of a trio of field operatives pursuing a clever enemy. As you clear a series of life-or-death booby traps, you begin to realize there is a mole in your organization, possibly on your own team!

Start the game with “Alexa, open Jack Ryan“.

Tip: Use a pen and paper to keep track of all the new clues and hints the game offers you.

3. Would You Rather

would you rather
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A cool game to turn a social gathering into a merry party scene. The classic game makes its way to Alexa with a series of strange and entertaining questions. The game can also be played solo after activating the game using the command “Alexa, play ‘Would you rather?“.

The game moves fast, and the software recognizes when you don’t give a complete answer. It can be played as a party ice-breaker, a source of amusement during commercial breaks on the TV, or simply to while away the time with a couple of friends.

Tip: You can also let Alexa listen for longer if a contestant needs time answering.

4. Jeopardy With Alexa

jeopardy game board

Another classic game that you can play with Alexa. The game makes you a part of the show’s episode airing on TV on the same day. You get to guess the secret extra sixth ‘clue’ appearing on each episode of Jeopardy. Start the game with “Alexa, play Jeopardy“.

You will hear questions regarding pop culture, world history, and a host of other categories. Remember to pose the answer in the form of a question. Alexa keeps score of your performance over time. You can also compare your performance with that of your friends.

5. Beat the Intro

beat the intro alexa skill

A music quiz game with a twist. Test your knowledge of music from a selection of tracks from the world’s biggest artists. The faster you identify a track, the quicker you move up the charts.

You can purchase coins or earn them by answering correctly, and then use the coins to unlock new packs of music. The game can be played on your own to pass the time or with your friends. You can also post your score on Facebook.

With three levels in each pack, you can unlock your second pack for free with the readily available coins in the first pack. Start the game with “Alexa, play beat the intro“.

6. Escape the Room

prison cell escape

A game designed to test your powers of observation and inference. You start the round trapped in a room. In order to get out, you will need to search the room, pick up items, and solve puzzles.

There are multiple rooms to choose from and hints that can be availed if the puzzles are proving difficult to solve. You interact with the game using a string of verbal commands.

You can use “Look,” “Inspect,” and “Use” to study the contents of the room and employ them to make your escape. The Jail Cell poses the easiest puzzles. The Office is slightly harder. The Car is the toughest enclosure to escape from.

Start the game with “Alexa, open Escape the Room“.

7. Infected

infected by james schannep

Based on the book written by James Schannep, Infected puts you in the middle of a zombie attack. Designed specifically for adults, Infected is a choose-your-own-adventure style audio game series.

You can choose to take on the zombies armed with nothing but your bat. Or grab your stuff and head up to the attic. Or find refuge in the basement. Based on your choices, you can escape unscathed or become one of the living undead.

There’s plenty of humor, and dark twists and turns to keep you engaged. The game is narrated by R.C. Bray, the celebrated voice actor, and novelist. Start the game with “Alexa, open Infected“.

8. Heads Up

The game made popular by Ellen Degeneres on her show finds its way to Alexa. To play, you will need to buy the deck of cards with the words you need to guess. Alexa will provide clues to help you guess the word on the card.

The names on the cards range from celebrities and blockbuster movies to famous fictional characters. The range of clues provided by Alexa can go from pretty vague to pretty on-the-nose.

It is up to you to use your imagination to guess the meaning behind the clues before time runs out. There’s also an “Adults only” deck with mature content not suitable for younger players.

Start the game with “Alexa, play Heads Up“.

Alexa Offers Fun for All the Family

As you can see, Alexa offers many different games across a range of genres. Whether you are on your own or with a group of friends, there should be a game on Alexa to keep you engaged and entertained.

And if you’re looking to spend time playing with your kids, Amazon also offers a host of Alexa skills for kids. These games and quizzes are designed to provide entertainment while also teaching valuable language, logic, and motor skills to children.

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8 Fun Alexa Games You Can Play on an Amazon Echo